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Cristina Da Gama Henriquez

Market Intelligence Manager, Microsoft

Guilherme Fernandes

Manager, Market and Competitive Intelligence, King

Alex McDonnell

Market and Competitive Intelligence Lead, Airtable

Maureen Nail

Team Lead, Competitive Intelligence, Abbvie

Ishara Naotunna

Head of Product Marketing, Vetstoria

Tammy Savage

CEO, Groopit

Arnav Singh

Head of Competitive Intelligence, Prophix

Ada Story

Director of Product Marketing, Hippo Insurance

Nathan Teplow

Director of Competitive Intelligence, Salsify

Ed Allison

Founder, CompeteIQ

Nate Bagley

Clozd, Head of Content

Caroline Dupraz-Ibarra

Senior Manager, Competitive Intelligence, Dropbox

Benjamin Hoffman

Senior Manager, Competitive Intelligence, Adobe

Jay Nakagawa

Director of Competitive Intelligence, Dell

Andrew Peterson

Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Clozd

Chelsea Pula

Senior Manager, Competitive Intelligence, American Express Global Business Travel

Aaron Wood

Head of Competitive Intelligence - Product Marketing, Box

Kimberly Bauer

Director of Competitive Intelligence, Lacework

Meghan Dewitt Suritz

Director of Competitive Intelligence, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Nadav Moshes

Senior Competitive Intelligence Manager, Playtika

Sam Rinaldo

Senior Competitive Intelligence Analyst, Lucid Software

Susan Sutherland-Wilmshurst

Director of Competitive Intelligence, JLL Technologies

Chinmay Agnihotri

Sr. Competitive Intelligence Analyst, Skillsoft

Calum Harris

Event Director, Competitive Intelligence Alliance